Event information

This page is for prospective/booked events on Vanderbilt Open Streets.

Apply now

General info

  • Applications: Your application will be reviewed by our team of volunteers and you’ll hear from us one way or another within a few weeks.
    • If approved, you’ll get an email asking you to select a time slot.
    • To give as many groups an opportunity to host events as possible, we are generally just booking one event each. If we end up having extra slots/budget later in the year, we will reach back out.
    • Vanderbilt Open Streets aims to represent the diversity of NYC in its programming and welcome all to its audience. Priority will be given to groups that help us meet these goals.
    • We approve events for entertainment/education. For companies looking to promote themselves, get in touch about sponsorship.
  • Duration: Time slots are generally two hours per group/event.
    • Let us know if you don’t plan to use that whole time.
  • Honorariums: We seek to offer $100 per participant, up to $500 total, per two-hour event.
    • Specific honorariums offered to presenters depend upon ongoing fundraising.
    • For shorter events, the honorariums will be less.
  • Location: Events take place on Vanderbilt Avenue itself, on pavement.
    • There are some trees depending on the assigned location, but events are otherwise uncovered.
  • Parking: There is (limited) free street parking and paid garages available nearby.
    • We recommend using public transportation if possible.
    • Allow extra time if traveling by car.
  • Equipment: You are expected to bring all the equipment you need.
    • We can provide power if you request it in the application form. Let us know if that changed.
  • Weather: In case of bad weather, you are welcome to pick a different time slot to reschedule.

Once booked

  1. Once you select a time slot, you should get an event invite by email.
  2. We will try to have the location (block of Vanderbilt) set at least two weeks out; you’ll get an event update email once that happens.
  3. Marshals in yellow vests will meet you on your assigned block 15 minutes before your scheduled event time to instruct you where to set up. Let us know if you need more time. The marshals can also direct you to the closest bathrooms.
  4. We’ll send you a tax form to fill out. We can then pay your honorarium by Zelle or check within a week following your event.


Reach out to openstreets@phndc.org or reply to one of the emails from us.